Mongolia tops best destination to visit in 2018

Mongolia has topped Fodor’s list of best destinations to visit in 2018 in Asia and the eight in the world.  This year, the world’s largest publisher of English language travel and tourism information has expanded its Travel Go List from 25 to 52 destinations

Fodor’s editors recommend Mongolia to everyone who wishes to “experience the final days of pristine nomadic life and the birth of a booming, modern metropolis”.

“Mongolia is a land of pristine blue skies that stretch for miles, rolling mountains and steppes covered in sweet Mongolian grass, the mirror-like waters of Lake Khuvsgul, and vast desert landscapes. In the countryside, where locals don their ornate brocade deel and sip airag, a fermented horse milk wine at intimate Naadam celebrations, while racks of fresh khuruud cheese dry atop gers in the arid breeze. As climate change leads to desertification and pushes nomads into the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, these quiet scenes of Mongolian life are quickly vanishing’.

The best time to visit Mongolia is said to be from late spring to early autumn, with July and August being the most popular dates for tourists as the National Naadam Festival is annually held during the summer. The official 2018 National Naadam Festival will take place throughout the country from 11 to 15 July with smaller, regional festivals throughout the year.