Don't miss our mammal-watching trip

Mongolia, a land of endless steppes strewn with lakes, the spectacular Altai Mountains covered in coniferous and mixed forests, and the vast Gobi Desert, covering one-third of the country – this is a remote and beautiful country, much of it unchanged for centuries! In addition, with its rich avifauna, this makes it a very sought-after destination for Westerners seeking a real avian adventure. This a two-week birding and mammal watching trip is a journey across this wild, spacious at the very best time of year for mammals in this stunning country. The regions will cover the most attractive mammal and birdwatching sites in Mongolia. It is home to over 500 species of birds, 128 species of mammals. Long-eared Jerboa, Corsac Fox, Marbled and Steppe Polecat, Pallas’s Cat, Snow Leopard, Przewalski’s Horse, Mongolian gazelle, Mongolian Saiga and Argali are major target species for this tour.