Stress Reduced Search for Ghost of the Altai Mountains

Mongolia, a land of endless steppes strewn with lakes, the spectacular Altai Mountains covered in coniferous and mixed forests, and the vast Gobi Desert, covering one-third of the country – this is a remote and beautiful country, much of it unchanged for centuries!

In addition, with its rich avifauna, this makes it a very sought-after destination for Westerners seeking a real avian adventure. This a 10 days snow leopard watching trip is a journey across this wild, spacious at the very best time of year for an elusive cat in this stunning country. 

Mongolian Marmot, Pallas's Pika, Brandt’s Vole, Siberian Jerboa, Red Fox, Grey Wolf, Pallas’s Cat, Snow Leopard, Goitered Gazelle, Mongolian Gazelle, Mongolian Saiga, Siberian Ibex, Argali are main target species for this tour.

This will be a gently paced tour, which will aim not only to find mammals but also the possibility of some least known yet most desired birds of the Palearctic realm.